Graphic design in
contemporary Korea:
an oral history project
by Zara Arshad
An incomplete,

Image captions:
1. Website for ‘The W Show‘ (exhibition) by Hong Eunjoo.
2. Photograph of Hong Eunjoo (front) and Kim Hyungjae (back).
3. Feminist Manifesto (Hyunsil Books, 2016).

Interview details
Narrators: HONG Eunjoo and KIM Hyungjae
Interviewer: Zara Arshad
Interpreter: AHN Mei
Date: Saturday 17 August 2019
Location: The designers’ studio in Seoul, South Korea
Length: approx. 1 hour, 30 minutes

A transcript of this interview has been deposited at the Archive and Research Institute of the Asia Culture Center in Gwangju, South Korea. Please contact the institution for access. This interview was conducted in Korean and translated into English.

(b. 1985, Gangneung) Hong Eunjoo and (b. 1979, Seoul) Kim Hyungjae have been working together as graphic designers since 2011. They run G& Press, a publishing platform that produces Gazzazapzi and Domino (magazines), and some experimental artists’ books. Hong Eunjoo also teaches web and graphic design at University of Seoul and Dongyang University, and Kim Hyungjae teaches graphic design at Dongyang University. Both are alumni of the Department of Visual Communication Design, Kookmin University.

Hong x Kim